Thursday, May 26, 2016

Roadtrip Day 321

Roadtrip Day 321

5/24 Tuesday

What a lovely, sunny day! Time for some cold Ovaltine and powdered-sugar donettes. Ahhhhh! Azure sky from horizon to horizon, gentle breeze, living green all around us, and the ruler-sharp line of the ocean’s dark blue horizon beyond the lumpy dunes.

Fuckwad neighbors ran their genny right up until 10 last night and started it up bright and early this am but they’ve stopped it now (at 9). Maybe they’ve gone fishing like they did for a blessed while yesterday. Who knows what stupidity lurks in the hearts of fuckwad neighbors? Even The Shadow is confounded by their white-dwarf level of density. Fuck ‘em. It’s a swell day and I’m ready to embrace it. Not in a sleazy or inappropriate way, of course. Just a friendly embrace, no erection. Well, maybe just a slight chubby like when you’re feelin’ really firm cuz the girl is stacked. Go ahead. Bust a move.

We’ll be heading for a nice, long beach hike this AM, I’m sure. Maybe this afternoon, when the sun is getting fierce, I’ll do a little more reading about structuring a novel. Whatever. We’ll see what this day actually brings. What the morning actually brought was Ronnie finishing her pass through chapter 1 and a discussion about how that went and how we’d proceed. Pretty damned exciting eve if she did mercilessly “kill my darlings.” (Deleted my personal flights of purple prose in the midst of a hard-hitting sword-and-sandal EPIC. And I loved them SOOOOO MUCH.) (grin)

Trim that fat. Bulk up that muscle. Power prose, by Jupiter! (VBG)

Delicious grilled cheese sammies for lunch and now we’re out into the sunshine for a stroll on the beach.

That was perfect. Sun, sand, ocean…Ahhhhh! Uploading photos with a cool drink of lemonade-tea after holding the sunshower for Ronnie. A little post-walk R&R now.

Decided to have stirfry for dinner: cut up BBQ chicken thighs, carrots, and spring onion. With rice, of course. A little rum for flavor in the stirfry mix, huh? Why not? Tomorrow, we’ll have dinner out to celebrate my finishing TLC and Ronnie’s birthday. Got a list of acceptable restaurants and we’ll try one of those. Exquisite day. Dinner at 6 will be a good finish instead of our usual later dinnertime.

Down to my last Baby Ruth for dessert. Tommorow is time to go out to dinner. (grin)

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