Thursday, May 26, 2016

Roadtrip Day 322

Roadtrip Day 322

5/25 Wednesday

Happy birthday to Ronnie! Woo-hoo! Lovely present from Eos this am for Ronnie’s birthday. We woke to see a deer sitting and browsing not 10 yards from us on the little dune bordering our campsite. She’s in a perfect spot, screened from most directions by surrounding bushes except right toward our trailer. Didn’t startle when we opened up and left the trailer to stare at her. Sweet. Sometimes waking early is worthwhile.

With our tent ends open, we can sit at the dinette and watch her. Nice way to enjoy birthday breakfast. Sunny, windless morning. Perfect day for a birthday outing to Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and other points along the barrier islands.

She hung around for about half an hour and finally ran for the woods across the street when the dickwad genny runners’ dog started barking up a storm. They have more than one way to kill a pleasant time in the campground.

Today was the day we drove to Kitty Hawk. I can’t tell you how wonderful that experience was. As someone who always wanted to fly, I often think about the fact that before 1903, you would be the richest person in the world. You could be the most powerful person in the world. In the entire world.

But you couldn’t fly.

Nowadays, for about $5K, anybody can get a pilot’s license. Anybody. For $5K, less if you do work-trade, etc. I declare that AMAZING.

Like most wonderful things, before they did it, the naysayers declared it unlikely, If not actually impossible. Even after they’d actually flown, the U. S. military didn’t really believe them or want to have anything to do with them. Later, poor Billy Mitchell was court martialed by the same type of intransigent old-school thinkers. Billy Mitchell of the airfield by Frisco campground, who should have… Never mind. I’m just getting grumpy. But about the Wright boys…

Those fellas solved all the problems associated with heavier than air flight on their own, from control surfaces to a motor with a reasonable power-to-weight ratio. An incredible feat. Absolutely incredible. I see Burt Rutan as their philosophical heir.

The monument is a catch-your-breath place. To be there and see where they stood and worked just a bit more than 100 years ago. It’s the kind of thing that speaks to me of the magnificence of humanity.

After that, we went to Kelly’s restaurant just down the road. That Was the perfect followup to such an emotional and wonderful visit. And to celebrate Ronnie’s birthday and my completed draft manuscript. We decided on appetizers for dinner and started with crab soup. Excellent. Crab-topped baked flounder was also first-rate. Oysters Rockerfella was their weakest dish but maybe I’m perfectly prejudiced having had the original at Antoine’s. Hot artichoke and spinach dip with some sort of cheesy matrix and crab on top was yummers. Seared scallops were perfectly done and made my mouth very happy. A little chocolate mousse to finish off the evening and we rolled back to camp and fell in bed, exhausted.

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