Monday, May 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 324

Roadtrip Day 324

5/27 Friday

Went to find the beach but it was a long way around the campground to even find a trail out so we gave up and will make a more specific effort later. I think I’ll spend the rest of the morning working on Lost Century stuff – character sheets, plot development… peripheral stuff to get settled before I start writing seriously on book 2, working title “Chasing the Dragon”. Ronnie is editing away on TLC. Soon enough, it’ll be time to start that first rewrite pass on that. (groan)

We may have discovered out entertainment for the weekend. We’re near the showers. The COLD showers. Someone walks in. They do prep. Then we hear, “Woooooo! Eeeeeeee!” etc. Hahaha! Big entertainment.

In the heat of the afternoon, we went for snoballs. Ain’t nothin’ like a Noo Awlins snoball and these were typically not NOLA snoballs. Odd sweetner in the flavors for both my orange and Ronnie’s mango. Cold and refreshing in the afternoon heat but not delicious.

We stopped at the gravesite of British sailors who were lost during the convoy phase of WWII. Lotta U-boat activity off this coast then.

Back to camp and some Genny time before dinner. Breeze is nice and sitting in the trailer in the shade is pretty pleasant.

Hahaha! We were in a mood for Tuna Helper and thought we had some. But no! But we still had the mood so we made Mac’n’Cheese with tuna. It was ok.

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