Monday, May 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 325

Roadtrip Day 325

5/28 Saturday

Warm, sunny morning. Waiting for the predicted later rain and T-storms tomorrow; but right now it’s very nice. I think it’s a cold Ovaltine and powdered donette morning. Campground booking said it would be full this weekend. Got a lotta people but it’s a big campground and it ain’t full. Yet. Lotta tents here. I wonder if they’re gonna stay thru tomorrow’s onslaught of T-storms in this sponge of a low, marshy campground. We’ll see.

While Ronnie does her editing pass on TLC, I’ve been working on structuring and planning TLC:CtD. Not making much progress on that. I’m kinda bogged down. Tried to write character sheets for all of my primary characters but that felt very artificial and unsuccessful. Tried to plot out a structure but it just ain’t comin’ clear like TLC’s plot did. The “superstructure” concept seems to not really fit my personal style. Or maybe just doesn’t fit action novels? The snowflake seems better suited and I can almost create a complete storyline, if not a fleshed-out plot doing the “3 disasters and a resolution” flow. Generally dissatisfied with my efforts right now. I’ll keep after it. I think I’ll take a serious break today and just read and “camp.” I can go back to trying to create a story tomorrow during the T-storms.

North Carolina seems to have a lot of olive DNA in its genetic makeup. Beach-ball shaped women on little pipestem legs, looking like an olive on a toothpick in a martini. And smoking, of course, while yelling at their kids in thick accents of illiteracy as they unpack their dually Dodge pickup which is covered in Trump stickers. I wanna go home, where people speak English., have 3-figure I.Q.s, and vote Democratic.

Ignore me. I slept poorly and need to find my happy place.

Got the first band of tropical storm rain this afternoon. It didn’t last terribly long but more is coming. In the continuation of my grumpy mood, why do authors inject so much of their personal sociopolitics into fictional works. Koonz can be a good writer. He often tells a good story. Then, in the middle of things, there’s a diatribe about some libertarian position or the importance of the second amendment. As bad as Ayn Fucking Rand. In a book I just finished, the mom doesn’t allow soda in the house and believes that video games are the gateway drug to sociopathy. It’s a pretty good book otherwise. And then there’s anti-Islamic “counterterrorism” porn. Wow! Is that stuff ever vile. The authors have clearly never heard of the Constitution, much less read it.  Currently reading a courtroom drama. Will it be not idiotic? We’ll see.

More rain coming tonight. Dry right now and getting some Genny time, charging everything up to FULL. Plotting tomorrow. Maybe. If it goes well. We’ll see.


  1. day 325 - only a month or so and you'll have done a year! It has gone by so fast

  2. ps Soda pop and video gamers are the gateway drug ;-)

  3. Still feels fresh and new-ish. I have a lot better gateway drugs than those. (grin)