Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Roadtrip Day 327

Roadtrip Day 327

5/30 Monday

Memorial Day. Constant hard rain spurts last night and this morning. Never lasts for very long but after a brief lull, there’s another shower. Interesting rain pattern. We’re camping in a lake. I mentioned that this campground is a low, marshy sponge. With the rain we’ve had, it is now mostly a lake. The tent campers who’ve stuck it out through today are trying to get packed up between the rain showers. Poor bastards.

We’ll be relocating to the city campground at Newport News tomorrow – hot showers and away from the double-cost bite of being in North Carolina and having to duplicate everything we spend here with a North Carolina Equality matching donation. Away from the shore and onto some historic sightseeing – Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, etc.

I’ve been seduced by reading and snacking during this rainy period. Can’t seem to drag myself back to working on “Chasing the Dragon.” Maybe today. Been forever since I’ve hooked up with a kendo dojo, too. Gotta do a search of the AUSKF (All U S Kendo Federation) website dojo listings and find something in our near-future travel area. Summer session has started back in my home dojo. I miss those Mondays and Wednesdays.

Well, today is being kind of amusing. The few hardy tent campers who remained are mostly trying to pack up and escape. But they are just soaked to the bone. Folding wet tents on the flat road, which is itself a couple of inches deep in water. Ick! The water in our site is up to the step for our door. Amazing. Chances of rain today are about 100% the entire day but dropping to 60~70% tomorrow. We’ll find a dry period, or a couple of ’em, and get folded and move to Virginia tomorrow. It’s pouring right now and a group of college kids are still trying to fold and pack and escape. Poor bastards.

I’m low on power and dunno about running our Genny in this weather in a driveway which is as much as 4 inches underwater. Maybe I’ll just sign off til tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like a lotta rain for June

  2. Very tropical-storm heavy. We feel rained out.