Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Roadtrip Day 328

Roadtrip Day 328

5/31 Tuesday

Well, yesterday late afternoon we gave up. Water in our campsite was over the tires and up the wheels to the brake hubs (drum brakes) on the trailer; so we chose to abandon there, given that more rain was coming and we really didn’t wanna deal with water deeper than we already had. We folded up mostly in a dry spell (Hooray!) except for a coupla spritzes and one good, if short, dump as we were finishing. Headed up to Newport News.

Driving conditions were infrequently decent but mostly pretty shitty, real wipers-on-double-speed downpour and occasional deep puddles of rocket-sled-stopping power. Undelightful. We had been planning on the Newport News Park campground but, honestly, we were both weary of rainy camping and it was raining in Newport News, too. Ronnie checked her Hilton points at the Hampton Inn there and had enough for two nights so we gave in and took advantage of that. Rolled into the parking lot around 8 and dragged out bedraggled, wet asses to our pleasant room.


I took a l-o-n-g, HOT shower and we settled in to dry out and watch some tv. Movie time. Thought about dinner. Neither of us wanted to move so we had pizza delivered. Perfect.

A good night’s sleep in a building (mirabile dictu!) and it’s time for free breakfast. Nice variety and lots of bacon for me. A full day of no rain in a lovely room with electronics of every variety. Totally lazy recuperation day, except for a brief walk to the grocery store across the parking lot for snacks. I cashed in an Amazon giftcard Mary (MIL) had given me for my birthday on the Western series by Robert B. Parker of Spenser fame. I enjoyed the first one and the movie they made from it (Appaloosa) and I enjoyed all the Spenser books so I figured I’d like the rest of the Westerns.

So far, so good.

Terribly frustrating tie trying to connect my ROKU to the hotel tv. It’s supposed to work but after a long emotionally exhausting time we gave up. TV movies plus the Cole/Hitch Westerns would hafta do.

Another night inside a building in a bed. Ahhh!


  1. Pizza delivered to your room sounds amazing :)

  2. Best part of escaping the rain-soaked campground. Well, dry inside room with hot shower and tub was pretty nice all by itself.