Monday, June 06, 2016

Roadtrip Day 333

Roadtrip Day 333

6/05 Sunday

Wowie-zowie! Very low chance of rain yesterday-last night, so we left the car windows cracked, left some stuff on the clothesline, and left the trailer windows mostly open. I woke in the deep dark to the sound of distant thunder. Listened for a while as it came closer. Started to see lightning flashes. Ok, then, time to jump up and close up the car, get stuff into the trailer from outside, and close up the trailer windows. And we did it in time. Soon enough, the thunder and lightning were getting very close. Then the light patter began on our roof. Then it increased. Significantly. We endured a good old T-storm with simultaneous lightning-thunder right on top of us. Eventually, it began to pass and I drifted back to sleep. Most exciting.

No rain now but still grey as we have breakfast. I’m gonna need a nap today.

I did a little work on TLC:CtD last night. Still trying to organize and plan/plot but not writing actual text. Writing a little individual character backstory-personality info. I’ll really be happier if I have a firm plot and storyline in place before I start cranking out prose. I think I have settled on the basic idea using the “snowflake” model - three disasters and a resolution. I have a basic idea of how I want my three disasters to shape up and a general idea of the “resolution” part. Now I need to flesh them out somewhat more rigorously so I have an outline at about the same level of detail as I did for the original TLC. Then, I’ll start some actual writing. I’m feeling better about this. I went from simply having an idea worth about a paragraph to getting toward an outline which could sustain a complete novel.

Sun came out so we went for a little hike along the river. Bugs were terrible, even though we were slathered in bugspray. Cut the hike somewhat short. Time to do yesterday’s dishes and have today’s lunch after that. Hiking on the paved roads in the campground is ok but the minute we headed into the “deep” woods – fuggedaboudit. Bug city.

I had a delicious glass of cold Ovaltine after getting the dishes done. Now it’s time for lunch.

Man the bugs are absolutely insane after that T-storm. Biting flies especially, little sunsabitches. Mosquitoes abound. BIG dragonflies trying to help keep ‘em controlled. I had a wonderful shower but was completely bombarded on the way there and back. Ick!

Gonna boil some corn on the cob, some asparagus, and bbq some pork chops. That’ll do for dinner. Two items which require liberal applications of butter! Yum!


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