Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Roadtrip Day 334

Roadtrip Day 334

6/06 Monday

Travelling today. Gonna pack up and move away from Bug City. Nice morning, though. Sunny, cool breeze, birdsong…

Apparently there was a huge fire back home. MJ took a photo from our deck which looked pretty ominous. Glad it was actually reasonably far away. Stay safe, squirts.

After we packed up, we did some sightseeing on our way to our next campground, Greenbelt on the beltway of D.C. Drove down a couple of scenic byways enjoying rural Chesapeake Bay locales. Ronnie likes a Nora Roberts series of novels set in this area so we did our sightseeing in the context of is-this-where? from the series. Stopped for lunch at a little store cum cafĂ© in Wenona -  Arby’s Dockside Bar and Grill. A true working class marina and small town. We parked in the gravel lot with all the battered F-150s smelling of old sea life. Crabbing boats and watermen wearing what I call Delacroix Reeboks – white shrimper (in this case, I guess they’re crabber) boots. A couple of skipjacks at the small pier. Fascinating sailboat design. I don’t think these are still working oyster boats; they do class racing on them nowadays. Haven’t seen a wooden mast in a long time. Or a mast-boom proportion so skewed in favor of the boom. Screw-drive steering from a rear-facing wheel. Last time I saw that was on a 1920s John Alden ocean racer in New Orleans before I moved to Seattle. That was an awfully pretty boat. Skipjacks (IMO) are not pretty but they do have that form-follows-function aesthetic.

We ordered fried oysters and crab cakes and watched the boat traffic as we ate. The oysters were excellent. The crab cake was so-so. Me, I prefer New Orleans stuffed crab for something in that style of food. But big YUM! for the oysters. Several locals dropped in for a beer or case of beer or bags of ice for their boat. I enjoyed it. True local color. Lotta “TRUMP” signs on the roads around here.

Then we eased on down, up actually, the road. Arrived at the Greenbelt campground on the outer loop of D.C. Wednesday we’ll meet online unschooling/sailing friend Cindy and her sweet family. Another IRL first of which we’ve had a few this trip. Another unschooling/sailing family on a big cat like our pal Laureen down Houston way. I’m sure she’s happy they’re living on a boat. Wow!, they’ve had some rain.

Dinner done and bedtime soon. More something-or-other tomorrow.

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