Friday, June 10, 2016

Roadtrip Day 336

Roadtrip Day 336

6/08 Wednesday

Cooler last night. I slept under a cover rather than just the sheet. Still cool this morning, although it’s a bit earlier than I’m usually up. A little breakfast then we’re off to visit Cindy and her crew at their dock in Annapolis.

Ronnie just told me over breakfast that Hillary won CA and NJ. Color me sad. Also color me an active Hillary supporter to make sure Trump gets nowhere near public office, especially the presidency.

So, back to the trailer now after visiting with Cindy and the kids. What a swell day. Cindy is very sweet and engaging and she even let me play her guitar! Zach made a coupla guest appearances, for food and to talk martial arts. Naia was a charmer from the get-go. We lounged in their large saloon (44’ cat, after all) during an impressive midday windstorm, visited the neighboring HUGE luxury cat, took a walk in the woods, then spent some time at the small beach by the Annapolis Sailing School, enjoying being there and watching the dinghy races, especially after the wind came up again and those little guys were planing downwind. Zoom! Their gybes were amusing to watch as they tried to round the mark.

It was a lovely visit and then we dragged back to camp to recuperate after so much fun. I grabbed a shower and checked on the availability of kendo nearby. Might get in a dojo visit, depending on how the sensei responds to my email. They’re only a half-hour away, infinitely closer than most of my kendo visits on this trip.


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