Friday, June 10, 2016

Roadtrip Day 337

Roadtrip Day 337

6/09 Thursday

Cool night. Nice to bundle up in a quilt. Sunny, pleasant morning. Breakfast then I’ll get some hotspot from Ronnie to see if the local sensei has mailed me with a response to my request to play with them sometime in the next coupla days.

No reply about kendo yet. If he hasn’t emailed by later this afternoon, I’ll call. There’s a phone number on their website.

Very pretty day and folks are showing up at the campground for a long weekend in D.C. We have neighbors. (sigh) From Florida. Well, at least I don’t see a TRUMP sticker on their car. I ate the last of the store rotisserie chicken with some potato salad for lunch and had some grapes as a chaser. Pretty good grapes and a great snack on this heating-up day.

Working on TLC:CtD. Kind of. I didn’t feel like doing additional snowflake-plot stuff, so I’ve worked on character descriptions and backgrounds. That stuff is important, too, right? Actually kinda fun working on my dinosaur/dragons, especially now that there’s evidence that many of the therapods, including T. Rex, had (at least some) feathers. Bwahahahaha! I really kinda like fucking with Flavius and da boyz.

Gonna have some sauropods, too, so I guess I can put a little effort into those guys. They’re not important to the plot flow but they are there so they kinda need to be addressed. Later.


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