Saturday, June 11, 2016

Roadtrip Day 338

Roadtrip Day 338

6/10 Friday

Lovely night, perfect day. Thanks, D.C.

On the home front, apparently Rigby’s dental hygiene hasn’t been the best. Vet wants to sedate her and do a deep cleaning for something in the neighborhood of more than $500 but less than $1K. We’re gonna try less draconian (expensive!) methods first. Chloe is picking up some kinda mouth rinse from the vet for about $25 and they can try to massage her gums to palliate things there. Maybe brush her teeth after her mouth settles down some. She was just at the vet six months ago. (grump)

In other Chloe news, her company has an opening in Minneapolis which she is going to take! She’ll be leaving Seattle to start work there in a month! More on that as it develops. Big doings in Chloeworld.

We’re settle here pretty happily after our rainfest on the coast. I’m gonna try to do some kendo tonight or tomorrow if the sensei ever gets back to me. Dojo is only about half an hour from this campground, depending a lot on traffic, I’m sure.

One thing that’s amusing (as an abstraction) here is that the campground is very woodsy and usually quiet but urban and close to the freeway. At night, the rice boys seem to love the stretch of freeway near us and use it for street racing. Grapefruit-shooter exhausts screaming up and down as they progress through the gear changes until they finally get tired and we can finally sleep.

On TLC:CtD, I’ve spent my “writing” time the last coupla days on character development, specifically on my dinosaur/dragons. They are a crucial character, after all. (grin) Honestly, yeah, it’s fun to “design” a coupla therapods with feathers, bright feathers. I mean, what self-respecting predator would be caught dead in dull plumage? Color me colorful! It’s the therapod of a bad acid trip. (grin) And then there are the sauropods.

Even before the meteor, or whatever caused the K-T extinction, there had been changes in the diversity of species among dinos. There were fewer sauropod and therapod species in the time coming up to the extinction. I feel scientifically reasonable to have my 65-million-years-later, plateau-limited sauropods limited to just a coupla big species and a handful of smaller ones. Same for my therapods.

Anyway, that’s my argument and I’m sticking to it.

Lunch and a nice, long, hot shower are a good way to move into the afternoon.

Heard back from Maryland Kendo Club. I’ll be heading there for a 7:00 session. Yowsa!

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