Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Roadtrip Day 339

Roadtrip Day 339

6/11 Saturday

A little overcast this morning. That’s ok cuz it was supposed to be hot today. I had a fun time with the Maryland Kendo folks last night. Their dojo is open 6 days a week. Pretty amazing. I haven’t done kendo in a good while and I pooped out a little early. Wore me out. They just built a new floor for their dojo and it’s really nice. Got a lotta give to it, easier on everybody’s knees, especially mine. Nice bunch of folks. Doing my kendo stops around the country as we’ve travelled has been really fun. Every dojo I’ve visited has been so friendly and welcoming. And they were so enthusiastic about hitting me mercilessly and endlessly with their shinai. (grin) The interesting thing about this group is that a lot of them came to kendo and the AUSKF from Korean kendo. I did notice a couple of small style/technique differences. And they did a lot of their commands/nomenclature in English instead of Japanese.

I recently saw a thing from Chinese medicine that the cure for migraines was to hit the patient on top of the head with a bamboo stick. Well, I guess I’ll NEVER have a migraine with all the hits I’ve taken to my head from bamboo shinai. Got a million headache remedies stored up.

Tired and stiff this morning. I think it’s a recuperation day for me. Having some Genny time now cuz most of our electronics were pretty low. This laptop was way down. Charging now.

Wow! The overcast of the morning gave way to a HOT day. Supposed to break 90 and it feels like it. I showered and came out without drying off so I could get some evaporative cooling but I dried very quickly in today’s heat. C’mon evening breeze. C’mon evening low sun.

We gave up and went for a drive in the airconditioned car to the airconditioned mall for ice cream and then Popeye’s for dinner. Back to camp at 7:30 and it’s still hot but not mercilessly baking. We plan to break camp and move tomorrow. I think we’ll get up early and get it done before the heat settles in.


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