Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Roadtrip Day 341

Roadtrip Day 341

6/13 Monday

Excellent decision to wait until today to move. Cool, not boiling hot. Got packed up casually, had a nice shower, then hit the road to the Boonsboro, MD area, home of one of Ronnie’s long-time fave authors Nora Roberts. Cheap camping nearest there is a bit out of Boonsboro. There are a coupla choices; we wound up at McCoy’s Ferry on the C&O Canal National Historic Park. Very quiet and peaceful. Small (14-site) campground. 1 other space occupied.

We passed through Boonsboro on the way here and we’ll go back to do actual sightseeing tomorrow. Stopped for groceries on the way in, too. “Primitive” campground and all that. Pleasantly cool as evening comes on. Might even close up some windows tonight. Had some tasty BBQ chicken thighs (skin and bone on and in), sautéed potato rounds with green onion, baby carrots, and corn on the cob. Burp! I’m looking forward to a quiet, restful night here.

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