Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Roadtrip Day 342

Roadtrip Day 342

6/14 Tuesday

Very quiet here, except for the several trains which roar by at night. Nonetheless, pretty nice. ROUSs in evidence, probably woodchucks. I dunno for sure. It’s a cold Ovaltine and blueberry muffin kinda morning. So pastoral here I feel like listening to some Beethoven.

We drove to Boonsboro and had a Nora Roberts sightseeing tour. Shopped in her bookstore, wandered around the core of the town, visited the cemetery, and had lunch at her son’s Italian restaurant.

Then we went to Antietam. Toured the battlefield. There are an amazing number of unit markers there, from simple plaques to large statues. Mostly referencing Union units because they were placed by subscription (fee collection) after the war and the Confederate units were living in a shit economy with no money to spare for war memorials. Fascinating battle. It’s not often that 6 generals are killed in one engagement.

Ronnie bought and left a few books for Nora to sign. Apparently she signs books for the store three nights a weeks. Sounds like the woman is a serious workaholic. Anyway, we’ll pick up those signed copies on Thursday. This has been very pleasurable for Ronnie. We even saw Nora’s husband in the bookstore. (He runs it.)

Back to our lovely, quiet campsite, except we’re running Genny to charge our electronics. Only an hour, then we’ll let it be quiet again. Until one of the many night trains comes thundering through. Calling Mister James Brown! All aboard! All aboard! Night… Train… Hit it.

We’re circling around a plan to meet Chloe in Minneapolis in July. If that comes to fruition, we’ll be ending our East Coast travels before too very long rather than waiting until closer to Fall. We’ll see. Kinda hoping to see Behan and her gang in/near Mystic later this month. They left Seattle in ’08 on their boat Totem and have come all the way around the world back to the East coast. It’s been 8 years since we saw them. The kids were small. We’ll see if/how that works out.

Thinking about lunch leftovers for dinner. Then a good night’s sleep. The many trains made mine short and Ronnie’s was terrible. She had insomnia in addition to the trains. I’m thinking the trains won’t bother me tonight. Hope she can get a solid sleep.

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