Thursday, June 16, 2016

Roadtrip Day 343

Roadtrip Day 343

6/15 Wednesday

Ooooooh, exciting (possible) news for me. There are plans for a kendo seminar in New Orleans toward the end of October. It’s being put on by the Southwest Kendo and Iaido Federation so I’m unsure about attending since I belong to the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation; but I suspect I can. We’re all part of the AUSKF. And my money is green, ya know? We were looking at being in NOLA around that timeframe anyway. It’d be sooooooo cool. Gotta hear more about that as the SWKIF firms things up. I was excited to do kendo in NOLA with the New Orleans Kendo Club in general whenever we happened to be there but to do that AND a big seminar would be ultra-cool. I have my AUSKF # and my credit card ready. All I need is some specific info and a signup opportunity.

More on that as info becomes available.

Got a little rain last night and it’s overcast and cool this morning. But I slept in until noon so it’s all good and the sun is trying to make its presence known as I type. Ronnie has been searching online while I slept and she’s gotten us a reservation at a campground near Minneapolis for July 7, 8, and 9. We’ll pick Chloe up from the airport late at night on the 7th and hang out with her for the weekend while she settles into her Minneapolis life. Big doin’s for our little family.

In extended-family news, a coupla my cousins are looking to buy a good-sized sailing catamaran (40ish feet) and head over to the South Pacific. We’ve been chatting about sailing and boats and passage-making as they push toward a decision. Depending on my commitments, I might crew for them for a while on a coupla legs of their passage. We’ll see how all that works out in reality.

After breakfast at noon, I think I might be ready for lunch now that it’s pushing 3. We just got a lotta stuff at the grocery store; I’ll take a look and see what I feel like having. Ronnie’s going for a hike. My knee is bugging me so I’m gonna stay here to eat lunch and read. Or write. Or something.

Neighbors arrived this afternoon. A pair of car campers, obviously together, with kayaks, etc. Slight drizzle now at 8pm; possible T-storms predicted for tonight. We’ll see. Aside from interesting good-ish news today, there were a coupla not so good-ish items. I’m weary. Gonna read a while then hit the sack. See ya tomorrow.

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