Saturday, June 18, 2016

Roadtrip Day 344

Roadtrip Day 344

6/16 Thursday

We did get the lightning and thunder last night. Not quite a T-storm but pretty good rain after enjoying the lightning bugs right in camp last evening. Seems to be done this morning with the sun out. Three weeks now.

Three weeks from today, we’ll be camping near Minneapolis and picking up Chloe at their airport late that evening. Then we’ll spend the weekend with her as she gets set up for a new life in a new city. Pretty exciting. A little scary for a concerned parent. But she has contacts there and she starts her job that next Monday, so that’ll be a new bunch of potential friends, too.

After that, our plan (so far) is to drop the trailer at Cherie’s house in Nebraska and visit her a bit. Then we go home for a visit. When Chloe gets an apartment (for August and beyond), we’ll grab a U-haul trailer and take it one-way to Minneapolis so she’ll have her stuff. Then we are once again footloose and fancy free (after we pick up our trailer from Nebraska) until our scheduled house-sit for Ronnie’s dad in San Diego during the last half of September.

Followed by the hopeful hardpoint of the kendo seminar in New Orleans in the latter part of October. And, of course, a basic New Orleans visit with family, friends, food, ordinary kendo with the New Orleans Kendo Club… maybe even some sailing with Bob. Everything before, after, and inbetween is unspecified.

Mowing crew is here today. Trash pickup part of the crew looks like work-release dudes in matching yellow convict pants. Interesting. Time to run Genny cuz her noise is unnoticeable with that big tractor mower going.

We motored to Boonsboro to pick up the signed books from Nora Roberts’ bookstore. Tried the Subway for a late lunch. It was good. Phew! We had a couple of terrible experiences at different Subways months ago and had been avoiding them ever since. Nice to get a good sandwich there. Next from there to the Boonsboro “creamery” and had a little ice cream chaser. After that, it was time to head back to camp. Rain was threatening on and off all day. We finally got some as we were leaving Boonsboro. Then on the freeway, Ronnie’s phone got a tornado watch notice. By the time we got to camp at 4 pm, we were out of the rain and the sky around us was clear but we can now certainly hear the thunder in the distance.

Big excitement.

I definitely need to do (daily) gratitude posts more often. The prevalence of banal evil in American society is soul crushing. Gotta fight back against that shit. Shine your light, folks. Even a tiny, tiny light can dispel the deepest, darkest, blackest, seemingly-unconquerable, vast evil darkness. You are made of atoms from stars. Shine like you know your heritage! Don’t let the zeitgeist of our age be one of the triumph of anti-intellectualism, anti-science, pro-violence, and strident xenophobia.

Tornado warning until 5 pm. Thunder getting closer; sky going grey. If necessary, we can abandon the tent trailer for the car. If necessary, we can drive the car into the narrow tunnel 50 yards down the road. Stone tunnel under the railroad tracks – seriously bombproof. Heavy, straight-down rain here right now. Pretty, as it dimples the canal water’s surface in the yellowed light.

4:30 now and the sun is shining through the heavy rain. Devil-beating-his-wife weather. Thunder lessening. Rain starting to lessen. 4:45 and the rain is almost done. Thunder gone. Sun bright. Ronnie less nervous. (grin) Ok, I’m calling it over. And that’s our scary excitement for this day.

Rain chances are heavy for the next coupla days so we’re thinking about just staying put then going to West Virginia on Sunday when the rain chance is zero to low. It’s not a lotta fun to break down and set up in the rain.  


  1. We're having a very wet start to Summer here in Sussex too. Trying to grab the windows!

    The news has been creeping back in here too. Must make more effort to turn it off.

  2. Gotta take advantage of those weather windows!