Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 346

Roadtrip Day 346

6/18 Saturday

Beautiful, still, sunny morning here in the fairly-full campground. Kids on bikes zooming around, boy scouts in the group campground doing boy scout shit, rednecks playing country music for all to hear, drunks chatting late into the night – at volume. Pickups to the left of me, pickups to the right of me, pickups in front of me. Half an hour, half an hour, half an hour onward. In the campground of rednecks sat the two of us. If we run Genny and point the exhaust right at us, the noise somewhat cancels the country music and praise for Trump and hotly-debated preferences in long guns. Shoulda bought a louder generator.

Ronnie and I put in earplugs for a while yesterday evening. Helped some. But did I mention that it’s a beautiful day now? Ok, then.

Interesting couple in the campsite to our starboard. They set up a large tent and when they were done, the woman emerged in a nice dinner dress, a lovely shade of red, deep d├ęcolletage, and a long slit up the skirt. Next time I looked, granted it was a while later, she’d changed again into some other outfit. They were gone when I woke; I’m curious to see what she’s wearing when they return and how many costume changes she makes today.

The chatty, musical rednecks are to port.

Like the old rock song says: Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.

Tomorrow, we’ll break camp and head to Seneca Shadows, a park favored by rock climbers in West Virginia. We’ll see if John Denver was right. I think he was full of shit. Today, I will enjoy this lovely weather, do a little more writing, and maybe take another hike with Ronnie.

After I have some breakfast and close this out for a while. Bye for now.

Well we were gone a lot of the day but I saw three different outfits on the glamour camper to starboard. Most entertaining. We had a nice day out and about and it’s turning into a lovely evening. Ronnie and I worked together to make a tasty Summer dinner salad with chunks of cheese and porkchop mixed in with the veggies, all covered in our mutual favorite bleu cheese dressing. Perfect fare for a hot Summer’s eve. Followed by a coupla mini BabyRuths. Fireflies to glow our way to bed. Pretty swell.


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