Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 347

Roadtrip Day 347

6/19 Sunday

Travel day. Casual takedown after glazed donut and cold Ovaltine breakfast. Mmmmm. What an evocation of childhood. Even working casually at breaking down, we got on the road by 10. We made porkchop and cheese sandwiches on these cute little mini-pistolette rolls to have for lunch and put them in the coolerator with drinks in the car for easy obtention. Switched drivers at midday somewhere in Northeast West Virginia and ate as we drove up and down over the rolly mountains here. We were intimidated by a coupla stretches which warned of 10% grade (downhill). That’s pretty damned steep, especially towing the trailer. But they were not too bad.

Found our way to Seneca Shades but there was no camp host to check us in. Since they’ve privatized much of the camping stuff, these for-profit entities charge more money and provide less actual service…. Rant! Rant! Rant!

Anyway, check in is only with the camp host, no self check-in but there was no camp host. So we drove a coupla miles to Seneca Peaks to the ranger station. He said people had also complained Friday that nobody was on duty. Fine. We drove back, left a note and payment at the host’s trailer and set up in an open site. After that effort in the hot afternoon sun, we went to the showers. Naturally, in the middle of my shower, a voice calls, “Mr. Maier, can you come see me after your shower?”

Sure, asshole. NOW you’re here. Inevitably, there was no excuse for his absence but a complication because somebody had gotten online and reserved the site we were in for the next day. We had signed up for three days. He said he’d call them and ask them if they’d be ok in a different site.

Phew! Finally, kinda sorted out. We’re here for three days (maybe more) and settled in this spot. We were alone until not long ago when two big 4X4 diesel trucks full of beer-brand-hatted, sleveless-shirted fellas chose to move into the site right next to us. Really? Empty fucking loop except for us. The next loop was half empty. But noooooo, the dual GMC 2500 4X4s hadda barroom-baroom right next to us. Harleys are quieter. Didn’t I read recently that Detroit adds artificial extra noise to their truck exhausts to make them sound “manlier.” Dipshits.

It’s almost 6 now. We’re running Genny until 6:15 then we’re gonna have corn on the cob with angel-hair pasta done ailio y olio (sp? - garlic and olive oil) tossed with shrimp and spring onions which were sautéed in butter and Tony’s (Creole seasoning). Maybe some parmesan on mine. Ronnie likes hers straight. We’ve gotten a lotta good, fresh corn on the cob here on the Eastern loop of our trip. We both love it so we have it whenever we see a good-looking batch.

Except for the bullshit administration and the redneck neighbors, it is very lovely here. Steep hills (they call ‘em mountains) and deep woods. Nice. No cell signal at all so no possibility of hotspotting some internet time. In a coupla days when we move I’ll catch up on loading my posts onto the blog. Now, it’s just about time to shut off Genny and start boiling some water for dinner.

Maybe a bit more narrative later.


BTW, we are theoretically back in bear country. No grizzlies but theoretically there are bears. We’re being a little careful with our stuff, especially food, but not full on Yellowstone-paranoid careful. Given that we had shrimp, we took the trash straight to the garbage after dinner. Then, it was time to put away leftovers. And then, do the dishes.

And then, the oral sex.

Wait! That’s not the Monty Python and the Holy Grail quote I wanted. Well, now I can’t think of what it was that I was thinking of. I guess I’ll just leave that one here to embarrass Ronnie.

P.S. Dinner was pretty fabulous. Couldn’t have done better with a professional-sized ultra-snooty-brand-name 6 burner stove and double dual-fuel ovens. Not that I’d turn my nose up if someone offered to give me a professional-sized ultra-snooty-brand-name 6 burner stove and double dual-fuel oven setup. I lust that kinda kitchen shit. I was delighted when our old stove died a coupla years ago and we got a 5-burner with the middle burner a long one which could use an included cast iron griddle or grill and one of the burners was enhanced to zillions of BTUs [approximately] for superfast heating.

Sometimes I miss my stove. I frequently miss our fridge, replaced about the same time as the stove. First fridge we ever had with water/ice in the door. I hadda tap a saddle in the basement cold-water line and drill a hole in the kitchen floor to bring a copper waterline up to feed that fridge - Clark. Chloe named him Clark. Sounds righteous to me. I often miss our Toto Washlet. Sigh. But we’re having a totally swell time overall. Nothing is perfect and we’ve had some less-than-marvelous times; but generally… Kick-ass fun!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads I know, the living and the dead, whatever their sexuality, who are taking care of their kids. I know a lotta single moms who do such amazing double duty. Hats off to them and to those who are not as simplistically binary-gendered as I am.

I miss my dad. When he died, I remember writing that he was the kind of guy who was tougher than a twenty-five cent steak (a quote from some 30s movie, thus the extra-surprising price) and who swallowed the blood and kept going forward when life punched him in the mouth. Cuz that what you do. That’s what he did. Always.

Love you, dad.

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