Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 348

Roadtrip Day 348

6/20 Monday

Lovely cool-but-not-cold night and a quiet, sunny morning. Pretty much the only sound I hear is the occasional woodpecker. Unless it’s the Predator from the eponymous movie. Could be either.

Getting warm as we approach midday. The only sound I hear now is Genny. We’ll have an hour of that, then return to natural quiet. I’ve been using my laptop charge pretty consistently, working on TLC:CtD. I’m close to having a complete outline, which is the thing that’ll really let me flow when it’s done, and I’ve written some narrative for the story itself, covering the initial action. Compared to TLC, I’ve added two “new” legionaries as Pyramid and River have both come out of their comas which they’d been in for TLC. I’ve added a caravan of traders on the Silk Route and a translator associated with them to help our legionaries actually communicate with the locals. Speaking of the locals, there’s a village full of people, of whom I’ll introduce a couple. And, of course, the antagonists – the therapod dinosaurs, aka dragons. There’ll be a coupla peripheral sauropod species, too, just for verisimilitude.

In this book, our heroes begin their story in media res confronting the dragons from the first words of the first chapter. Then a little flashback to tell how they got involved. The next several chapters will be them figuring out how to deal with a significantly aggressive, intelligent, and flat-out deadly foe. However, in genuine horror movie fashion, I’m saving the true “monster” for the third act. They haven’t seen their ultimate antagonist yet. Bwahahaha!

Our redneck neighbors were surprisingly quiet last night and this morning. Hooray for them. Wish my knees were not as worn as they are. The climbing at Seneca Rocks looks really fun. Maybe tomorrow we’ll hike up to the “base camp” and see who’s out on the rock. Looks like a pretty good hike to there from the ranger station. Lotta switchbacks shown on the trail map. When we were at the station yesterday, we could see a coupla people at the base of the rocks, getting ready for an ascent. There’s a small, fixed telescope there for viewing climbers.

Three youngish dudes have moved into the campsite on the other side of us. I guess we’re like humanity magnets. At least these guys don’t have thick accents and they’re playing techno-pop rather than country. Small mercies.

I love/need electrical power for our various devices but I sure do like the quiet when Genny shuts down. Full charge on everything now and I can work on that damned plot/structure while I have a little lunch. It’s much less easy, comfortable, intuitive than TLC’s plot/structure was to create. But I’m getting there. A bit more fiddling around and I think I’ll have a complete enough structure to look at and say yes to this, no to that, move this, etc. Once I’m there it’ll just be writing. I’m working on getting there.

YES! Huge milestone. I have finally organized TLC:CtD with a complete outline and plot. Planning to run 23 chapters plus an epilogue. Time to settle down and just write.

But first: resting now that I have that done. Laptop battery is down to “Hey, asshole! Shut me down OR ELSE!”

Ronnie was still in a pasta mood so we had spaghetti and (red) meat sauce for dinner with a small green salad. Easing into the night now. Cool and lovely. And I’m tired so goodnight.

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