Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 349

Roadtrip Day 349

6/21 Tuesday

Wow! Significant T-storm in the night. We started the evening with several neighbors. By morning, only 1 campsite was still inhabited; the others packed up and ran away in the dark to more weather-independent accommodations. Rain has stopped and the sun is breaking out as we pass 9:00am and run Genny so I can use this thing cuz I ran it down to nothing last night.

It was quite an amusing T-storm. It had been warmer last night than the night before and we were mostly sleeping without covers. Then there were distant rumbles. Then pattering on the hard central roof and soft tent roof over our bed. Then the intensity of the T-storm and the coolth that came with it. Poor family in the campsite opposite us had several kids in tents and they’re one of the ones who packed all that stuff and left during the pounding storm. The rednecks were mostly sleeping in hammocks, so they went the way of the dodo and the cave bear. Only the techno-pop boys remained after dawn.

I am constantly amazed by the integrity of our little dozen-year-old popup trailer. We have weathered some terrible storms with never a leak. We stay dry and cozy in our bed. There’s one line of a 3-line gratitude post. While it rages outside, I can have a cold drink from the fridge or a hot drink from the stove and sit at the dinette for a while, watching the forest revealed in lightning strobes. Then back to our cozy bed and the soft web of my dreams.

Now that I’m awake and have breakfast in me and power to this laptop, I should probably do some writing. Getting all that plotting/organizing/structure to a reasonably complete place yesterday was a big milestone and a strong step past a large stumbling block to my progress on “The Lost Century: Chasing the Dragon”. Let the wild hunt begin.

Ah, but who’s hunting whom? To paraphrase Indy - Therapods. Why did it hafta be therapods?

Honestly, pushing through all that organizational stuff yesterday was intellectually/emotionally tiring. I might make today a writing holiday, maybe just fool around with some random bits and pieces rather than trying to stream pure temporal narrative from my last stopping point. I’ll see how it goes.

Thinking about dinosaurs as I look out our windows, the forest seems Cretaceous to me. The rain reduces visibility and the middle distance fades to grey. The forest is lushly and deeply green with enough low, feathery plants that I can imagine them as members of the fern family. A fine Cretaceous forest waiting only for a normal population of dinosaurs. I see none. Guess I’ll hafta write my own. Or keep looking? The small rustlings I sometimes hear could be ornitholestes sneaking about on their nefarious business. Could be.

Real-world note: I hate “right-height” toilets. They’re only the right height for transferring from a wheelchair to the toilet seat. In all other respects they are completely unergonomic for taking a shit. Anyway, lunch break now. I’ve spent the morning reviewing what I did yesterday, added a little tweaking, and am at the point where I could actually start writing from where I left off, which would be chapter 4 - the afternoon after the legionaries’ first encounter with the therapods when they’re back in the village, licking their wounds, and trying to formulate a plan to kill the “dragons” without getting killed themselves.

Lunch first. After I finish chapter 4, I only have 19, plus an epilogue, to go. Sigh!

Well, at least I can use the hashtag #amwriting. Cranked out almost two thousand words for chapter 4. Progress. Now, I think I’m done for the day. Might be time for a shower. A hot shower in the actual shower, not just me standing out in the rain. I only do that between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South when the rain is as warm as the air and water, a nice 85^3. That looks funny. I’ll write it out. Eighty-five degrees cubed. Better.

Ya know, I could write a campground report based on showers. The one here is one of those deals where ya gotta push a button every 15~20 seconds to get more water. That’s a pretty big PITA; but at least the water does get decently hot, after 5 or 6 initial button pushes resulting in cold water. But we’ve had some with nice tile, ordinary handles for user control of temperature and HOT water available. I was talking about stuff I missed from home recently. I do like my two showerheads, on the front and rear walls, and jetted tub. Lotsa bathing options. I love tubbie-showers.

We ran to the little store nearby. We got ice cream and ice and wifi. Ronnie used it to check for desperate messages. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll take our laptops and take advantage. No cell signal but wifi. Interesting.

Butter pecan ice cream from the store with our own caramel sauce at 6 pm was tasty. Who needs dinner?

Last time I was online, I grabbed a random police/murder novel from the berry called “Career of Evil.” It was less than mediocre. Author is Robert Galbraith. Turns out that’s a nom de plume for J. K. Rowling. Interesting. I don’t really like her writing as herself in the Hairy Potato series and I disliked her writing as Robert Galbraith. Seems like I just don’t especially like her writing style in general.

Ok, a little reading time now. After we digest our ice cream, maybe we’ll think about dinner. My new read is called “Matterhorn” a Vietnam War novel by a Marine veteran. A far cry from an unlikable British detective. I hope it’s far to the side of “readable” rather than “unreadable.”

Quick, small late supper and bedtime. Wonder what tonight will bring.

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