Friday, June 24, 2016

Roadtrip Day 350

Roadtrip Day 350

6/22 Wednesday

Partly cloudy. No chance of meatballs. Or Zeros sporting “meatballs”. Or Corsairs chasing them, for that matter. WWII is long over and we toured the air museum quite a while back. Not here. After a quick breakfast, we’re gonna run down to the store so Ronnie can get online and check camping availability at a coupla places. Time to move and maybe settle in one place until it’s time to sprint for Minneapolis to pick up Chloe at the airport there and camp a few days with her as she gets ready to start her new job there.

Then we stop at Cherie’s to visit for a few days and drop the trailer there then sprint to a visit at home for a coupla weeks then get all Chloe’s stuff into a U-Haul and drag it to her in her (HOPEFULLY!) new apartment for August then back to Cherie’s to grab the trailer.

Sounds tiring. But it’ll be good. Haven’t seen Cherie in years and it’ll be wonderful to see the kids. And maybe I can play some music and do kendo and iaido at my home dojo.

Moved to the West side of this mountain range, still in West Virginia. Stuart Campground. We have electrical shorepower here and we’re reasonably close to the town of Elkin. We also have cell signal here so people can reach us if they need to and Ronnie can create a hotspot for both of us to get online. This park has showers which I haven’t tried yet but the toilet, despite being a pit toilet, was sparkling clean and did not smell. At all. Amazing. The entire campground is very well maintained. But allow me to grump.

My old-guy “passport” theoretically allows me to get into Federal areas – parks, forests, sites, etc. – for free and gets me half off for camping. HOWEVER, now that they’ve privatized the campgrounds, I found out here that my “half-off” does NOT include electricity service. So from the usual price of $30/night, my fee should mathematically have been $15. Ha! It’s $19 because “electricity is not included in the half off.”


Privatization is the scourge of the modern love affair with libertarian/Austrian economics. It’s such bullshit. Fucks up everything it touches.

Sigh! Anyway, here we are, a bit farther West. At these prices, we’ll only stay here through the weekend. Then we’ll ease even farther West in anticipation of our sprint to Minneapolis, which I continue to call Milwaukee for some unknown reason.

Spent most of the afternoon evening online. Some of it on social media but also did a lotta research for TLC:CtD. Gotta make my “dragons” somewhat realistic, after all. I absolutely love that modern paleontology had discovered that many (most? all?) theropods were feathered. OMG!, the possibilities.

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