Friday, June 24, 2016

Roadtrip Day 351

Roadtrip Day 351

6/23 Thursday

Weather report said rain after midnight. Yep, they were right. Pretty significant T-storms in the deep of the night and into the morning. Still dark and rainy this morning, although not at T-stormy level. Allow me to catalog the other negatives about this campground.

It’s not very far off the highway on a steep grade. Trucks grunt and roar uphill and lean on their compression brake downhill. All night long. That alone would be survivable but then ya add in the dogs. Somebody or somebodies down the hill has a thousand dogs (approximate estimate) and they bark randomly, but fairly constantly, all around the clock. Combine that with the trucks, the thunder and lightning, and the nearby couple screaming fuck-youish comments at each other in the middle of the night and it makes for a less-than-perfect night’s sleep.

Might be a nap day. I’m already excited to move on Sunday.

So, with unlimited power and a plot, structure, and outline to fit my characters into for TLC:CtD, I’m gonna try to put in some focused writing time today. I’m also in the mood to watch a movie. We have several old favorites with us and I haven’t seen a movie in a long time. That’d be a nice two-hour break from Roman legionaries fighting dragons (theropods) in the first century B.C.

Ok, one other benefit of shorepower is that I can play music while I write without running my laptop down before I crank out only 500 words or so. (Remember, I’m a slow writer.) Unlimited music, unlimited writing time. Excellent. I really like to listen to music while I write. It helps my flow immensely. Today (and probably for the next several days) I’m writing about the legionaries’ leisure adventures, having a night on the town after their disastrous first encounter with the dragons. They certainly already know how to enjoy sex and alcohol but they are about to be introduced to opium. Chasing the Dragon, indeed.

Wrote about 1500 words. Time for a break. Gotta choose a good movie and give my brain something else to think about for a bit. Music was good to tune out the various noises here. Movie’ll do the same.

We decided omelettes were the perfect dinner for this inelegant grey, rainy day, warm, yummy, filling, and easy. More T-storms scheduled into the night then a late night break until they recommence at 5am. Swell.

Time for that movie now. Something FUN. With no rain in it. Lemme think…

Galaxy Quest! Yeah, that’s it. Widely acknowledged as the best Star Trek movie ever made. (grin) In honor of (the new) Chekov. Ach!, Pavel, we hardly knew ye. RIP, Anton Yelchin.

Good decision, Frank. That movie is just so perfect. Ah, I’m happy now. And on that note, it’s time to brush my snags, as my mother used to say, and hit the sack. Goodnight, West Virginia. Goodnight, trucks. Goodnight, dogs. Goodnight, T-storms. Goodnight, occasional trains. Did I forget to mention the trains? Well, yeah. trains, too. I can’t really sleep with earplugs; but I’m not gonna get great sleep without ‘em. What’s a boy to do? I’m really tired from last night’s terrible lack of sleep. Maybe I’ll zonk despite all the disturbances. Maybe. I hope you have a good one, anyway.

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