Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roadtrip Day 352

Roadtrip Day 352

6/24 Friday

Ok, that’s enough of that. We did not get the predicted T-storms coming on morning. It’s very nice… but those fucking dogs…

We’re moving today. Gonna slurp down a quick breakfast, pack up, and take Horace Greely’s advice. More when we get resettled.

Ok. A nice, sunny drive for a few hours. One little, short rainstorm but that was all for the rain. I can no longer even pretend we’re on the East coast. We have moved to that great blank spot on the map in the middle of the US that starts with “I”, specifically for us right now, Ohio. Buck Oak Cove, Wayne National Forest, near Glouster, Ohio. $5/night. Eat my shorts, privatization.

We got set up in the pleasant sunshine. Caught our breath a bit. A good bit. Finally, about 8pm we decided we needed to run to the grocery for, at least, a quick-and-dirty dinner, if not a full trip. We’d need a full trip tomorrow but neither of us had the energy to face that today. So we zoomed to a Krogers about 10 minutes down the highway from our campground figuring we’d hit their deli department and do a rotisserie chicken plus whatever. Keep on figuring, Cajun boy! No deli section at this Krogers.

Ha! Fallback to one of the first things Ronnie and I bonded over – small, canned smoked oysters and Cheetos. Mmmmmm! That’s a fine meal. And great memories. Real groceries tomorrow after we have an actual night’s sleep. I HOPE! Seems quiet here. Pleasantly cool as the sun goes down. Crossed fingers.

Parenthetical road story about food. I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s. We stop there when we need fast food, cheap fast food, while we’re rolling on the road. Because I don’t have a lotta experience there, I kinda just though that the nasty, tiny, not-very-good fish sandwich was as cheap as the little hamburgers; so when I just can’t stand a hamburger, I order the fish sandwich. Last time we stopped at McDonald’s, we actually went inside and I noticed the prices on the menu.

Fuck the whore of Babylon! That thing is, like, almost $5, not less than $2. I started to order one, then noticed the price, and changed my mind to a cheeseburger. I began complaining loudly to Ronnie. She laughed at me and asked if I truly had never noticed that the fish was more than the basic burgers.

No, I hadn’t! Honest. I argued that I could get a spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy’s for about the same amount, and that chicken sandwich is a nice piece of chicken breast and it’s tasty, quite unlike the McDonald’s fishwich which tastes like a coupla Catholic grammar school fishsticks on a bun. Ick!

That was good for a laugh and the absolute last time I’ll ever order a fucking fishwich.

Cheetos and smoked oysters, however, retain their exalted place in the firmament of tasty food pairings. Pretty cheap, too. I’m going to bed happy.



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