Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roadtrip Day 353

Roadtrip Day 353

6/25 Saturday

Yes! Little bit of road noise, coupla random dog barks, but generally a cool, quiet night and I slept WELL. Hooray!

Today we kinda returned to our “basic” mode: Morning hike followed by lunch. From this campground there’s a trail down to the lake. It’s about a mile and a quarter each way then there’s a loop trail around the lake. Primitive trail. Deep woods. Very pretty. Pleasant hike. Now we’re back in camp and it’s time to run Genny to get power for all the electronics and have some lunch – round two of smoked oysters and Cheetos. Mmmmm. Breakfast was a Little Debbie “Fancy Cake”, frosted, crème filled white cake squares. Another, mmmmm.

Ok, we’ll make a real grocery trip today.

In terms of writing, I used last night’s power and hotspot to do a bunch of research about several important things for TLC:CtD: theropod feathers, the Silk Road/Route in the first century B.C., opium use in ancient times, Chengdu (China) at that time, earthquake activity around there, etc. Good chunk of necessary research for some verisimilitude in my story. Did you know that the dynastic Egyptians credited Thoth with the “creation” of opium? Praise Thoth!

Milestone! Ronnie says that a year ago today was her last full day at work! Hooray!

MJ just told us that she sent in the car tab renewal for the van. Phew! Glad we’ll be back next month. I can stick those on and we’re good for another year!


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