Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 354

Roadtrip Day 354

6/26 Sunday

Happy Sunday. Beautiful sunny morning. Kinda warm so I think it’s a cold Ovaltine day.

Sigh! Time for a moment of painful honesty. I spent a lotta effort and time working out my plot and structure for TLC:CtD. I was writing some of the narrative I felt pretty good about while I was working out those details; so I have a coupla chapters worth of writing done. HOWEVER, I recently used the wifi I had to do some research about some things important to the story. As a result, I think I hafta rewrite much of what I already wrote. And that’s depressing. Grump.

Yesterday and today are officially “avoiding writing” days. Maybe tomorrow, too. I need to restart that motor and I’m not in the mood to do that right now. It’s supposed to get hot today, so we might just go sit by/in the lake instead of doing anything else. A week and a half until we meet Chloe in Minneapolis. (N.B., I did not type “Milwaukee” by mistake! Maybe I’m catching on.)

We took a ride in the early afternoon heat to check out the nearby state campground. Wow Charmless, mostly treeless, parking-lot looking sites and over $20/night compared to our $5 for a pleasant, woodsy site. Ha! I love my federal, non-privatized campgrounds.

Running the genny now to charge things and to run our fan full power the whole time. Fan is good. It’s gonna be a hot one.

Speaking of hot, lemme digress here a bit for a camping confession.

I dislike fires.

I love camping, being in the woods, mountains, beach, whatever. I even used to like backpacking before my knees got to the point where carrying a 50# pack uphill for miles was simply no longer on the agenda. I love sitting around in the evening, chatting with friends as the stars come out and wheel above our flighty heads. But I don’t really like to do it around a campfire. The smoke is choking. The heat is uneven, assuming heat is a desirable thing. Often, it isn’t. It’s mid-80s here in the early afternoon and our neighbors have a big fire going. Blech. Even when it’s desirable, it’s awfully uneven. Ya gotta do the personal barbecue roll, charring one side while freezing the other.

Given that I’m not backpacking any longer, if I had to have a stand-alone heat/light source to gather around and roast marshmallows and s’mores, I’d get one of those little propane firepits. My Seattle band guys do this boys’ weekend thing in the Fall over in Eastern WA every year. One of the guys has one of those firepits and it’s delightful. Ya still gotta do the personal barbecue roll but there’s just a nice EVEN heat and consistently good marshmallow melting conditions. AND NO SMOKE. And if I wanna roast weenies or whatever, I can do it on the gas BBQ attached to the trailer and fed by the trailer’s tank.

Anyway, that’s me on campfires. I put a gaslog in our fireplace, too. (Thanks, Poppa Tom! Couldn’t have done it without you.) Quick, easy, no firewood, no smoke, no cleanup, still useable when a burning ban is on – the perfect fireplace fire. I love my gaslog.

Got a good charge on my laptop and my 2:30 report is – Yep. It’s hot. Still hot. Getting hotter.

We spent the afternoon sitting in the shade and splashing ourselves with water while brainstorming our travel possibilities to get to Minneapolis for the 7th. Never did get to a firm decision. We’ll think about it more tomorrow. Heat has faded with the lowering sun and it’s time for dinner. Sauteed green beans, steamed rice, and thin strips of top sirloin quickly seared on the gas BBQ. Buncha hot sauce on mine. (grin) And that would be Mahatma brand rice, my New Orleans childhood favorite. (another grin) But I’m cooking it steamed style rather than old New Orleans style like my momma taught me. When we’re back home, I’ll get some pickle meat delivered to me from or similar and make some genuine red beans and rice and cook the rice my momma’s way.

But dinner was good. Time to settle down and read just a bit, then bedtime. Later, gators.


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