Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 355

Roadtrip Day 355

6/27 Monday

Welcome to Monday. We were talking about moving today, either to a campsite deeper in the campground here, near the rear of it, or getting down the road farther West and/or North. For the whole weekend, the campsite across from us has contained three huge tents, and a half-dozen cars, plus one boat, of an obvious family reunion. They stayed last night and that was part of our motivation to skedaddle. However, in the early pre-dawn/peri-dawn, there was a surprise rain shower. They got up and went home. Hooray! I slept in until 10 after that and now the rain has mostly stopped, although it’s still overcast and cooler, and neither of us now feels as motivated to move. At all.

On writing. With the research I did, I was thinking I should move this story to Chengdu/Chengtu, China instead of the Indian subcontinent where I was envisioning it. That was frustrating when I thought about the rewriting I’d hafta do and all the peripheral stuff it entailed. Today, I’ve decided to leave this story on the Indian subcontinent (exact location TBD) and save Chengdu for the next one. Yes, I’m contemplating Book Three although I have no fucking idea what the relevant conundrum will be for da boyz for that one; but that problem is a long way in the future. Sticking with the Indian subcontinent will work fine. That puts them on the Southern subroute of the Silk Road which is good. I would have been unhappy and I don’t think they would have survived the “main” Northern Route. Anyway, maybe I’ll do a little more research to choose a more-precise spot for this novel and get back to writing.

Coming on toward midday and the sun is out. Now it’s possible that we might hit the predicted 90 for today. The morning grey was delightfully cool. That’s over.

Ronnie and I both loved the tuna salad we had the other day – a perfect lunch in these conditions. So we had tuna salad for lunch today. And it was good. Especially with an ice-cold Coke to wash it down. Ahhh! Now as we’re moving into the sunny afternoon, Ronnie strung the sunshower up on a tree branch in the partial shade. It’s useful that way to cool off with instead of having it heat in the sun to give us hot showers.

Moving tomorrow. Gonna get some sleep.

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