Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 356

Roadtrip Day 356

6/28 Tuesday

Travel day. We got up early, broke camp, and hit the road – destination undecided. Enroute, Ronnie talked to Laura Endres who offered us a possible spot at the campground of a private lake club they belong to. As the day developed, so did that plan. Laura called in a guest pass for us to use the campground if there was space available and we put on our driving faces for a long day.

Long driving day and I wasn’t feeling too fabulous to begin with. But we grunted it out and made it to Lake Summerset in Illinois so far North as to be almost in Wisconsin.

Thanks, Laura and Rob.

We minimally opened the camper, lethargically ate some tuna salad that was in the fridge and I crashed. Because this campground has electrical hookups, Ronnie stayed up, enjoying the connectivity. I dunno when she came to bed.

More alive tomorrow and several days here to rest up for our final run to Minneapolis.

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