Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roadtrip Day 357

Roadtrip Day 357

6/29 Wednesday

Kinda caught up on my sleep last night. Feeling almost human this morning. Roused around 10 and we got the screenroom set up on the door side of the popup. Very nice addition under the awning. With that chore done, I’m sitting here with a delicious glass of cold Ovaltine and contemplating a quiet, lazy day. With electricity available, that might include movies on my laptop, some connectivity through Ronnie’s hotspot, a nap (or two)… like that. Lazy day. Cool enough last night that covers were very enjoyable and not supposed to get very hot today. Lovely.

If I feel energetic later, there are some organization chores that need to be done for the camper and the car. Maybe tomorrow, huh? Might have the energy to BBQ some ribs tonight. We bought some the other day that look pretty tasty. Mashed potatoes sound pretty good, too. Hmmm, guess I might be hungry. Let’s see what I have to go with this Ovaltine.

More later.

Ok, so I’ve been working on TLC:CtD some but only on peripheral stuff, not actually writing narrative. While doing so, I got sucked into a next-book mentality, so I switched my brain from working purely on CtD (#2) to what might come next. I think I’ve firmed up a concept for #3, although nothing on specific structure or plot. I have, however, absolutely decided to include in that one a small homage to my favorite Asian fantasy of all time – “Bridge of Birds”. I’m absolutely delighted to have stumbled onto the idea of doing that. Makes me very happy and it motivates me to work on (and FINISH) CtD. I’ve also spent some time on the “About the author” page(s) and, most significantly, the photos for that. I mean, what’s important for my novels, after all? MY EGO PAGE!

I’ve decided that I do enjoy this process overall (despite specific frustrations and intimidations), enough so that I’m motivated to continue creating new adventures for the Furies even if I never make a dime and people roundly condemn the material as unreadable crap.

And with UNLIMITED POWER (Robin Williams genie style) I’m listening to LOUD music (headphones, of course) while I novelize. Aw, yiss! Got some blues going right now. Now that is how you get motivated to write.

Dragon Huntin’ Blues

By Flavius and His Famous Furies, from their album “Lost!”

(Key of B-motherfucking-Flat, of course)

Got up before dawn.

Put my armor on.

There’s some dragons to fight.

Hope I come out alright.

Muthafuckahs are big

But I don’t give a fig.

Load ballistae with darts.

Hit them in their hearts.

CHORUS (walkin’ bass style)

            Gods, I got dem dragon-huntin’ blues.

            They chase me without fail.

            Trooper, have you paid your dues?

            Yessir, the check is in the mail.


Got my sword from Spain.

Gonna stick ‘em in the brain.

To make sure they’re dead,

We’ll cut off the head.

My necklace gets a claw;

Make people jump back in awe.

Add to that a tooth

And they’ll know it’s the truth.



Ha! Might turn this into a finished product sometime. (grin) I’ll let ‘em use it for the movie. (wink)

Yeah, anyway… Some writing work, some napping (Ronnie is down right now.), a movie pretty soon, I think. That’s the way to have a recuperation day. Beautiful afternoon here.

Dinner was as planned. BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Made up a BBQ marinade/sauce from stuff we had on hand – EVOO, balsamic vinegar, lemon, honey, white sugar, garlic powder, Tony’s, and hot sauce. Hot, sweet, and sour. Not bad for throw-together. Tasty. All of it.

Long, hot shower and it just might be bedtime. (9:30) Still catching up on my weariness, I think. Later!

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