Sunday, July 03, 2016

Roadtrip Day 360

Roadtrip Day 360
7/2 Saturday
Up by 8:30 today. Still a little grey but the sun is trying to dominate. Campground is pretty full for this all-American holiday. Raspberry Danish with P.G. Tips tea (lemon and sugar) to start me up.
Coupla days added to the blog and a cruise around Facebook. Bought a copy of Matt Frazier’s book for the kindle. “Quantum Lock.” Gonna read it this weekend. Getting on toward lunch now. Gonna scrounge something and start reading. Maybe sitting in the screenroom. It’s a lovely day.
Surprise socialization this afternoon. Denise, Brice, and the boys decided to come look at Laura and Rob’s property here which is for sale. So, we met here in the campground then went on over to the big resort to check out the facilities and look at the actual lot. After a while, we returned to the campground while they continued to check out the place. A while later, they stopped by to tell us that they were definitely gonna buy it and they were returning to the lake to go out on the realtor’s party barge. Who’d’a thunk it?
Amazing! Ya never know what the day will bring.
Feels like a day for BBQ chicken breasts with bones and skin. Corn on the cob and pasta to go with. Still got strawberries and angelfood cake for after. All-American food! Fuck yeah!
Yiss! Ronnie and I typically like boneless-skinless chicken breasts but were apparently on the same wavelength for this meal. I seasoned those bone-in-skin-on breasts heavily and seared both sides, then let them slow cook on the BBQ. Man! They were good. We both devoured the crispy skin. Now I’m recuperating with my bowl of delicious anglefood cake and sugared strawberries. Burp!
Sigh. The large, loud group nearby is now drunk and very loud and playing fucking country music. Ya know what’s worse than country music?
Well, ok, maybe Donald Trump. Or NAZIs. NAZIs are always worse no matter what you’re talking about. And libertarians – the absolute worst! Maybe some other stuff. But not much. Not very fucking much is worse than fucking country music and loud drunks with whiny fucking penetrating voices.
And fireworks.
But it’s mostly a nice night and dinner is sitting lovingly in mah bellie. So I’m gonna get some sleep. See ya tomorrow.

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