Friday, July 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 361

Roadtrip Day 361

7/3 Sunday

Up before 9:00! I am soooo amazing. (grin) Pleasant morning to start with whole-milk chocolate milk and an apple Danish. Did some reading and some writing and a little Facebook surfing. Now it’s time for a nap cuz I didn’t sleep well and I’m fuzzy tired.

A little chocolate milk refreshment to wake up and start thinking about dinner. Very quiet here. Seems like everybody’s at the lake.

Time to do dinner and settle for the evening. Travelling tomorrow. Median stop in Madison, WI (yet another state that starts with “I”) to see Jocelyn and her gang. Then on to Highland Ridge Campground (still in WI) for the next three nights. Finally, on the 7th, we transition to the campground near Minneapolis and pick up Chloe at the airport near midnight that night so she can stay with us while she gets set up with crashing with friends or whatever she’ll be doing until she finds her own place.

I’m still tired from last night’s bad sleep so I’m gonna crash early. Nighty-night.

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