Friday, July 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 363

Roadtrip Day 363

7/5 Tuesday

Surprisingly quiet night after the fireworks show. Pleasant greyish morning. Not hot. Yet. It was buggy (mosquitoes) when we set up so we made sure to attach the screenroom. Really nice to have that available to use and as an airlock between bugs and the interior of the trailer. We’re supposed to get some rain today so the screenroom is also nice for that. We can sit outside and enjoy the freshness even while it’s raining. If it does. Might not.

We are at the Highland Ridge Campground in the Eau Galle Recreation Area, WI and we’ll stay here until the morning of the 7th. Then, we’ll break camp and move to the campground Ronnie reserved for us near Minneapolis. We’ll pick Chloe up from the airport later that evening around midnight.

I finished reading Matt’s new (self-published) book “Quantum Lock.” It’s the first in a planned series of sf novels set in a post-dystopian world. I wish him great luck with it. I’m always happy to see new sf books.

Speaking of self-publishing, I guess I should put some time in on TLC:CtD. I can’t make progress on it if I don’t add any words to the doc. A million monkeys at typewriters to equal Shakespeare, this lone monkey at his laptop to crank out a pedestrian sword-and-sandal action novel. So this little monkey should stop jumping on the bed (metaphorically, of course) and start pounding on the keyboard.


I have no idea what it means but the girls (our two little monkeys) used to say that when they’d jump on the open sofabed. It seemed to embody the qualities of satisfaction and completion and happiness, so once more unto the text-creating trenches, dear friends! And shaka-laka-J, motherfuckers!

The possibility of rain has become a severe storm warning. Well, ok, then. Constant, rumbly thunder all around. Nasty, yellow light. Drizzle has started and the camp host went around saying that the showerhouse is the official storm shelter. We’re close, if it comes to that. Drizzle is getting to be more than a drizzle now. Another exciting weather even brought to you by the latter half of our roadtrip. Big, specific thunder and hard rain now coming from a green sky. This is not the fabled green flash of a perfect tropical sunset, rather it is the ominous green of the Angle of Death from the movie “10 Commandments.” Well, ok, not quite that green but still nasty looking. Heavy rain and simultaneous lightning and thunder. Party on! Supposed to diminish/end by midnight. We’ll see.

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