Friday, July 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 364

Roadtrip Day 364

7/6 Wednesday

The storm ended as predicted last night but it was a good one while it lasted. It’s supposed to hit 85 today. Not so bad yet at 11:30. We’re running Genny so I have power now. I ran down to nothing last night writing a morning-after hangover scene. I amused myself greatly doing that. Today is sunny and fresh and it may yet get to 85. Who knows?

Spent much of the day writing. I have amused myself mightily with the tale of the hungover legionaries trying to pull themselves together for predawn assembly. Poor bastards. Hahahaha!

Working toward evening now. I’m very happy with the “hungover legionaries” chapter. That’s a successful day of writing when you laugh at your own stuff! Time to read and relax. Moving tomorrow.

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