Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Roadtrip Day 366

Roadtrip Day 366

7/8 Friday

Good morning. Sunny and it’s gonna be hot. Gonna have some breakfast and then help Chloe get settled in her new city. W00t! 9am start after a late night. That’s businesslike.

Zipped around Minneapolis with Chloe. Saw one apartment. Seemed fine and not too far from her work. Phone tag with a coupla others. Drove around downtown sightseeing. Had lunch at Subway and got Chloe a new phone cuz her old one was broken to shit. Back at camp now for a little rest and more research and apartment paperwork filling out for Chloe. Lotta dark clouds all day but no actual rain yet. Made the temps very nice. Campground is filling up for the weekend.

Target trip for a coupla things for Chloe. Dinner now. BBQ chicken (skin-on, bone-in), mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

Oink! Chloe had a leg, Ronnie had a thigh, and I had half a breast. Chloe and I both even ate some asparagus despite the fact that they’re (shudder) green. I BBQd two of each of those things, so we have lots of leftovers. We did some damage to the mashed potatoes, however, and those green things are completely gone. (grin) Chocolate Twinkie for dessert finished me off. (Burp!) finishing up at 8:30 after a long day of apartment hunting, new phone, etc. Might be an early bedtime tonight. We talked about going to see the new “Independence Day” cuz I haven’t been to the movies in forever but bushed immobility trumped driving to the movies tonight.

Tomorrow brings day 2 of “Chloe in a new city.” What will that day bring, I wonder?

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