Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Roadtrip Day 367

Roadtrip Day 367

7/9 Saturday

Ack! Terrible night. Ronnie and Chloe freaked out that maybe mosquitoes were getting in and stayed up forever in the middle of the night hunting them. I’m gonna need a big nap today. Sunny today without the cloudiness of yesterday. Probably gonna be hot. I need a Coke to get this day started. Coke with lemon pound cake. Yeah, that sounds like the palliative or even curative for me this particular bright morning.

Finished chapter 7 which I’ve tentatively titled “Dawn of the Living Dead” in honor of the legionaries’ nearly-alcohol-poisoned condition. It was a really fun chapter to write and I amused myself greatly. I don’t know how it’ll be received by readers but, like I said, it amused me tremendously. So there. Probably a little too “Three Stooges” in style and will mostly appeal to 12-year-old boys. But marathon puking is funny as hell, isn’t it?

The next chapter, chapter 8, is like a hands-on project for first-year Latin class – how to build a small ballista. Caveant draconi! I’ll hafta add some human interest to keep it from being simply a dull procedure of insert tab A into slot B. Well, the legionaries are pathetically hungover and the villagers are digging staked dragon pits under Flavius’ direction. Some potential for accidental carnage there.

Just took a break sitting in the screenroom having ice-cold lemonade-tea with Ronnie and Chloe. Cool and refreshing in the heat. While there, we watched a squirrel in a nearby tree (maybe 25 yards) busily going right to left and left to right, fighting or having sex or something. We eventually decided that she was moving a nest from the left to the right and picking up and carrying babies was all the extra strange motion we were seeing. Interesting.

Done with TLC:CtD for today. Gonna sit in the cool(er) screenroom and watch “The Avengers” on my laptop while Ronnie and Chloe run the streets accomplishing great things.

Avengers are done destroying New York and the shower called my name. Ahhhh! Better. Although it’s after 6 now and the day is cooling down. Some. Ronnie and Chloe are maybe on their way back or maybe going to look at Craigslist bikes if they get callbacks. I’ll see them in a while or a long while. I’m sitting contentedly damp under the trailer fan set on full power. I’m good.

Chloe came back to the trailer with a bicycle! She now has her own transpo in addition to shank’s mare. And public transit, of course. Tomorrow, we’ll drop her off to crash with a friend until she finds a lace of her own. She’s hoping for serious callback(s) Monday. And Monday she starts her new job in her new city. Pretty exciting. After we drop her, we’re hoping to make a hi-how-are-you visit to Alex Polikowsky and her gang. Never met them in real life. I’m excited to hear Alex’s accent. She’s a carioca – native of Brazil – now raising show cows in Minnesota. Go figure.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Bedtime now.


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