Saturday, May 20, 2017


The last post I put on this blog was back in October 2016 when we returned home from travelling. We’ve experienced a lotta stuff since then. I had my double knee replacement in November. Early rehab was, honestly, fucking terrible. PAIN! But it got better. Now, I’m 6 months post-surgery and they pretty much feel like my own knees. That’s the big win from these past few months. We had Christmas, New Year’s. Valentine’s Day, Chloe’s birthday, etc. Lotta stuff in these past 6 months. Ah, but what are our future plans now that that’s done? We’ve gone around and around about that. We did decide to stay here through the Summer. The Northwest is exquisite in the Summer and we were gonna be here through the Spring anyway doing rehab for my knees. But beyond that… Well, here’s the thing.

Home. It both a simple and subtle concept. It’s the physical building where you live. It’s also the emotional/psychological concept of where your heart resides. We got married in 1990. Bought this house in 1991 but we’ve never been alone as a couple in this house. When we moved in, cousin Sonya was looking to move out and asked if she could stay with us. She moved into our somewhat-finished basement bedroom. Then came nephew-son Jerry. Then we had MJ. Then Chloe. At some point Sonya moved out. Jerry, too. Then it was us and the girls for the next coupla decades with the parttime addition of niece Emma who unschooled with us. While we were on our 2015-2016 roadtrip (as a couple! But in our popup trailer.), Chloe took a job transfer to Minneapolis, leaving MJ and Joe as sole fulltime occupants of the house with the partial presence of Emma. Since we’ve been back, it’s been us plus those folks. But now MJ and Joe are moving into their own place and Emma will “finish high school” in June.

Leaving us alone in the house for the first time EVER. Honestly, we intend to enjoy the shit out of our exclusive Summer at home. But howzabout Fall? We are both kinda tired of year-round living here and neither girl wants to buy the house from us on the “family plan”. So… Back on the road? Buy somewhere else with the profits from selling? Or renting? Decisions are hard!

We do have a commitment to housesit for Ronnie’s dad in San Diego at the end of September, so that’s a scheduling hardpoint. And whether we rent or sell, we need to empty more than two decades worth of crap from the house and do some basic repairs and maintenance. So, our Summer will be living here (ALONE!) and doing some cleanup-fixup while enjoying local campouts and hikes. Based on our research and a walkthrough by a real estate agent, we’ll eventually decide on the rent/sell choice. Then we jump into our new adventures for the Fall.

It’s New Knees Summer and I’m stoked.

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